Train With Me

Below are some of the services I offer to clients. If you are interested in working with me, visit the contact page and I will be in touch!

General Fitness Consulting


This is a one on one private consultation to access running/strength, and to come up with a customized plan/overview based on starting abilities and your goals.  If you’re looking for a general consult on where you are where you want to go – this is for you!
If you’re a fitness professional and have questions on getting your business up and running – this is what you’re looking for!


60 minutes consult in person or call – $100

30 minute consult in person or call – $50

Personal Training

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My one on one sessions are a combination of cardio and strength training to help you reach your fitness goals. I have a wide variety of state of the art equipment, including resistance bands, TRX bands, bosu balls, a treadmill, TRX and more!

30 minute session 

1 – $55
5 pack – $275
10 pack – $500

45 minute session
1 – $70
5 pack – $350
10 pack – $650
15 pack – $900

60 minute session
1 – $100
5 pack – $500
10 pack – $900
15 pack – $1200

Training 2gether – 2 people training

1 hour – $120 – $60 a piece

45 min – $100 – $50 a piece 

30 min – $75 – $37.50 a piece 

Training 2gether packages

45 minute 10 pack – 900 ($45 a piece)

30 minute 10 pack – 650 ($35 a piece)

Small Group Training


We are now hosting group classes. If you’re interested in bringing a private group in please contact me directly to schedule.  


Client Spotlights:

Whitney Earnest
Brittany Dobbs
Jena Hickman Layne
Kayla Staubi
Brooke Bartley
Lizzy Teitzel
Andrew Kelso
John Starks
Elizabeth Derck
Brande Thomas
Dawn Hesse
Kate Sorensen
Leann Crossno
Emily Ogden
Courtney Williams 
Danielle Bertiger
Cari Johns Isham
S – Shirt
M – Shirt
L – Shirt
XL – Shirt
S – Tank
M – Tank
L – Tank
XL – Tank

3 thoughts on “Train With Me

  1. Hi Megan

    I came across you as I’m looking for a personal trainer to add on to my 4 day workouts at the green hills YMCA. I feel like I’m getting good results in certain areas, but not so much in other areas. Anyway I’d love to get your feedback on what I can do differently, I appreciate your time and your help. You can reach me on my cell at 678-907-4386 as well as email below. Thanks again


    1. Hi Megan!! I was wondering if you would mind sharing the name of the doctor who is treating your foot injury? I am seeing a podiatrist, but so far, after 9 weeks of no running and multiple treatments, my foot is actually getting worse. I live in Brentwood, and follow you on instagram. Thank you for your inspirational posts about how hard it is to be injured and still accept yourself, even if you aren’t able to work out the way you want. I would also be interested in getting advice on what I can do safely until they can figure out what my injury actually is.

      1. Hi there Dawn! I’m so sorry to hear about your injury – the worst!! My doctor is Dr. Jim Johnson of Advanced Sports Medicine – he’s THE BEST!! His office number is 615-467-4636. Let me know if you end up going – I hope he helps!! If you’d like to inquire more about training with me – just shoot me an email at I’d be happy to work with you!! Hope all of this helps and you get back to normal soon!!

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