Dear World, From a Single Person In Quarantine

Dear World, From a Single Person in Quarantine

I have to admit being in quarantine isn’t that much different from my normal life.  I work from home, I get my groceries delivered because I don’t have time to go to the store, the workouts I do are solo sports like running and triathlon, so 9 times out of 10 I’m training alone…. Basically I live in quarantine.   

I always have plenty of time to think…too much sometimes.  I have time to do things I want to do and travel wherever I want to go. I don’t have to make my bed and I can eat ice cream with no bra on while watching Netflix and no one judges me. I can spend my money however I want to and I don’t ever have to ask for permission – for anything.

Alone can sometimes be a great to place to be.  

I enjoy being alone – with my dog of course.  I choose to be alone more so than often because I have to be “on” with my job so many hours of the day.  The difference lies in the choice to be alone.  Choosing to be alone and HAVING to be alone are different. I can usually call a friend and go to dinner, shake someone’s hand, say goodbye with a hug, join in a workout with a friend…  But when you’re told you can’t – it changes things.  

Yeah, I’m not cooped up with a bunch kids that are going stir-crazy googling ways to entertain them or stuck with a spouse that sometimes annoys me… but guess what?  If you’re in either of those situations – you get some pretty important things.  You get to kiss those people goodnight. You get to tuck your kids in.  You get to touch your lover’s hand in reassurance that it’s all going to be alright.  You get to hear footsteps in the hallway or hear someone call out your name to ask you a question…

Alone can sometimes be a hard to place to be.

Right now, if you’re single some of the thoughts running through your head might be – I wonder when I’ll get to touch another human again?  I wonder when I’ll get to hug another person?  I never thought I’d ever think these things.  Who was the last person you hugged?  I won’t forget who that was.  If you’re alone right now – you probably won’t either.  Don’t take that for granted if you are quarantined in a full house or even with just one other person.

Alone can sometimes be a beautiful, yet lonely place to be.  

When this is over – I think I’ll be holding onto hugs a little longer. I won’t take a pat on the back or a touch of the hand for granted.  I won’t take being annoyed at someone too close to me or  just the warmth of someone nearby for granted.  

So, Dear World – now more than ever if you have a friend that is single and especially one living alone – reach out to him or her and ask how they are.  Do something for them to let them know you’re there.  None of us are truly alone – we really are all in this together.  Let’s help each other remember that.  

One thought on “Dear World, From a Single Person In Quarantine

  1. Love this! And YOU! Hang in there! Get out and get some fresh air. Let’s plan a big get together when all this is over.

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