Client Spotlight – Cari Johns Isham



Before                                            After 

I have been blessed with some incredibly beautiful people that I have the privilege to work with and train daily.  From the inside out, these people are incredible, and have become my friends, my inspiration, my world.  Each of these amazing people that have come into my life bring a unique story and a specific goal, and I am grateful to be a part of their journey.

Some of them, like these first few ladies I’m sharing with you – didn’t have far to go to reach their goals.  I could kick myself for not taking real before and after pictures, so we are having to make do with what we have.  That is something that I’m doing with my new clients!  (One thing that I’ve learned is that most women or anyone for that matter do NOT have or keep “before” pictures of themselves. )

Ms. Cari Johns – now MRS. Cari Isham came to me right before she got married, and I quickly discovered that she was a ROCKSTAR.  Obviously you can see from her “before” picture that she has always been gorgeous, and she came to me just wanting to tone and work on her overall fitness, and that is EXACTLY what she has done.

Cari is a small little thing and really had no weight to lose, and was just looking to get stronger and tone.  She has leaned out and has acquired definition while still maintaining her femininity.  She lost an inch in her waist and hips and has maintained her goal weight.  More than anything we’ve seen an increase in her strength.  What she is able to do now in retrospect to what she could do is phenomenal.  Cari is one of my clients that can do anything I ask her to do.  I’ll look at her with an excited gleam of joy in my eye and say “I’ve got something new for you to try to today…” and she gets this “oh dear Megan” look on her face, but never complains!  Cari will try any crazy exercises I throw at her and usually accomplish them with grace and skill.

I caught her in the middle of a row in the “after” picture above, and as you can see from the pics below – she has impeccable form.





I love getting messages from my clients that they ran a faster mile or fit into a pair of jeans they couldn’t get into for awhile.  I got a text from Cari with a picture of herself in her white “skinny” jeans when she fit back into them, and I was SO happy for her!  I tried to take a picture of her in them recently, but I actually think she needs a size smaller these days, so I left that pic out. 🙂


I certainly can’t take credit for her fitness accomplishments – all I do is try to make it fun and keep her on her toes.  Cari has her diet in check, works out with me and does cardio on her own.   She’s driven, motivated and has the ambition to try any kind of crazy exercise I come up with and conquer it! She had an injury while training for the half marathon.  Cari came came to every session, and we just worked around it.  She didn’t lose any of her fitness even while being injured!

Every day I wake up and I LOVE my job.  I mean, I really love it.  I get to see these amazing people and watch them grow and accomplish goals and be a part of it.  Does it get better than that?  Not in my eyes!  Here is a little bit more about what the amazing Cari Johns Isham is all about.  Cari – thank YOU for letting me train you and for letting me put a spotlight on you!  🙂

Cari is a highly regarded event planner in the Nashville area. After spending almost a decade in the political fundraising and event planning industry, Cari formed her second company, Commerce Street Events, in 2013 to pursue her true passion for high-end event design and planning.

​ Client relationships are the important part of her work and are the motivating factor behind the Commerce Street Events vision. She knows that each client has a unique vision so she believes in custom tailoring every client’s event to ensure that the entire process is flawless, fun, and exceeds all expectations. Her goal is for your event to be enjoyable every step of the way.

A Nashville native, Cari actively participates in the community in a variety of roles. In her free time she enjoys running, hiking, yoga, kayaking, and entertaining friends and family. Cari and her husband Chris have three fur babies, Reese, Riley and George.



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