Client Spotlight – Danielle Bertiger

photo-241                                                  Before                                             After

World – meet Danielle!  This little bit, Yankee-Belle, 21 year old has become one of my most favorite people in the entire universe.  That’s right – the UNIVERSE!!  I am blessed beyond belief to work with her, but to also call her a friend. She has such a huge heart, spunk, energy for days, a beautiful spirit and a smart mind to go with it.  Not only is she my longest-standing training client, but she also has taken on the responsibility as my assistant – helping me to schedule clients, organize music stuff, and basically keep my head on straight.  To say the least – she is nothing less than amazing.

Danielle has achieved SO many personal goals since we first met, and I feel like I’m getting to see her grow and blossom into an amazing young woman.  (Yes, I sound like her mom!)  She has given her all to her training, honed in on her diet and now  – she is in the best shape of her life as you can see!  Last year she started working with me only once a week then decided to bump up to twice a week.  That, paired with her diet and balancing her other workouts…and BOOM!!!  She really started seeing results!  Since she has started working with me, she has lost 10lbs, inches everywhere and dropped from a size 28 to a 26/25!!!!!!  HOTTIE ALERT!!!!

FYI – I am starting to do real before/after pics with my clients now – I’ve realized that we women do NOT keep bad pictures of our “befores.”  It’s hard to tell in the pictures above just how much Danielle’s body has changed!  I did happen to snap this great shot of her during one of our recent workouts.  Look at those hot legs!!!


She didn’t have too far to go to reach her goals, but for someone that is already pretty small, 10lbs and a few pant sizes is a very big deal.  She already looked great when she came to me, but just wanted to tone up, and that’s exactly what she did.  Danielle is also one of my clients that can do pretty much anything I throw at her.  She is always a willing candidate for the new, crazy moves that I either come up with or find somewhere, and she takes them head on!!

With my clients I try to focus on realistic goals.  I try to encourage them to focus on goals that will help my clients learn to make healthy decisions and make healthy a lifestyle.  We aren’t trying to be supermodels here (well….that would be nice), but my focus is to arm my clients with positivity, motivation, ideas and nuggets that will help them become the best version of themselves without having to starve themselves or over exercise.  It’s all about balance and finding a healthy. realistic way to approach life and fitness.  I struggle with this – especially the balance part – as most people do, especially women.  We are human, flawed and beautiful!!  Coming together and striving for a healthy, positive life with support is what it’s all about!  Thanks to Danielle – she makes my life positive, better, and easier in every way.  (Not to mention she’s great advertisement!)…look at her!  🙂

IMG_6051While originally from New Jersey, Danielle is now a senior at Vanderbilt University studying communications and medicine, health, & society.  She  enjoys finding new, healthy preparations for meals, and is planning on becoming a registered dietician in the near future!In her spare time she enjoys running with her 2-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, hiking at Percy Warner, trying every sample item at Whole Foods, petitioning for avocado to be recognized as its own food group, and wondering if she will ever be able to properly pronounce the word “drawer.”

Go check out Danielle’s awesome blog – Adventures of a Yankee Belle

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