Client Spotlight – Courtney Williams

Well, this is not a complete transformation story, this is just me bragging on an absolutely amazing girl, client and friend!!  Courtney came to me the first time wanting her courtney williams butt kicked (her words).  She showed up, and I took one look at her and was like – okay – first assessment – lighter weights, lots of reps, I’ll go easy on her.  Little did I know that she was about to blow me out of the water with her strength, focus and athletic abilities!  Courtney came to her first session 2 days after running THE FULL MARATHON IN NASHVILLE!!  If any of you have done the full – or even the half – you know how brutal it is.  I was in awe from day 1!

Since our first session, Courtney has completely sculpted her body, but the real success has been in her strength.  She is the prime example of girls that lift BIG but who are LITTLE, and by little I mean she’s ripped, but athletic, toned and slim.  Courtney can do absolutely anything – and I mean ANYTHING I ask her to.  She chest presses 30s in each hand like they are nothing and deadlifts free weights 40s and above like they’re air. She has an open heart, and an extreme willingness to be freakin’ awesome!!  She usually conquers the exercises and then asks for more weight or how can we make it harder, and always adds an extra rep “just for good measure.” 🙂 What a rockstar.

I wanted to share one of the exercises that I had her do while training.  Her form is impeccable!  Here’s a video of her doing some TRX weighted squats with a 15lb kettle bell.  Trust me – this is HARD, but she makes it look SO easy!!  Give it a go sometime, and you’ll see.  🙂

I’m always trying to come up with something that will challenge this athletic go-getter!  Last week I threw a weighted vest on her for the ENTIRE workout.  She did 300 step ups and about 150 reps of everything else including pushups and weighted TRX rows. Insanity.  I also happened to catch Zoe spotting her on her pushups…

IMG_0180 IMG_0183

Courtney is an awesome client because she challenges ME to be a better trainer and to come up with new, creative workouts that will keep her on her toes and keep her moving forward.  Thank you, Courtney, for always coming to your sessions ready to be challenged, for making huge strides, always having a smile and the willingness to work, and thank you for being an inspiration to me!

Here’s a little bit about Courtney Williams in her own words…

I am originally from Massachusetts and I grew up playing sports.  I was a gymnast for years until an injury to my right elbow forced me to stop, I played Lacrosse throughout High School along with running Cross Country.  After high school, I went on to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics with a minor in Journalism from Wake Forest University in North Carolina.  After college, I went on to work for a hotel management company.  I realized that I wanted a career switch, however, and I am currently in my second and final year of graduate school, receiving my MBA from Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management.
Since graduating college, I’ve become serious about running and I have taken up marathons (because who wouldn’t?!).  I ran the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon in 3:46:47, the 2013 Rock n’ Roll Marathon in Washington, DC in 4:00:01, and the 2014 Rock n’ Roll Marathon in Nashville, TN in 3:50:59. I am currently training for the Goofy Challenge in January, where I will run the Disney Half Marathon on a Saturday and the Full Marathon the following day.


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