Client Spotlight – Kate Sorensen


kateI met beautiful Kate through Danielle, and Kate just took training/fitness/changing her life head on!  I immediately LOVED Kate.  She has a spunk, and a spark for life, an infectious positive outlook and a great smile.  Her attitude towards working out and bettering herself was spot on from day one, and she has just blown me away with her work ethic and results already!

In January I challenged my clients with a 6 week body fat challenge.  I measured all of the participants, weighed them in and then we took measurements 6 weeks later.  The results were amazing!!!!!! The people who really saw the difference were the ones that got their eating, cardio and weight training aligned.  I call it the trifecta…  And that is exactly what Kate did, AND she ended up winning the body fat challenge with flying colors!!!  Kate lost a total of 6 lbs and inches EVERYWHERE.  She lost 5% body fat in less than 6 weeks.  Incredible.  Only hard work, clean eating and the right attitude could get anyone that far, and Kate is an inspiration that anyone can reach new fitness goals.


Kate is a student at Vanderbilt and wouldn’t let anything get in the way of her sessions with me. From traffic to slow Uber drivers, to snow – she made it to my house week after week, and if she was late because of any of the above, she took “homework” home and finished her workouts there.  Dedication and commitment has taken this amazing girl to new levels!!


I can’t wait to see what Kate has coming next… She’s on the path to more fitness goals, an internship, and just more overall awesomeness!

Kate – thank you for letting me be a part of your journey – you are a blessing and an inspiration to me, and to many out there!!  Keep up the great work!!  I can’t wait to do another spotlight on you when even more of your goals are reached!

Here’s a little more about Kate’s fitness journey and a short bio to learn a little more about her…

Kate says, “I am most excited about feeling great when I wake up in the morning. I feel stronger and more capable than I did before, and I’m ready to take on other challenges career and school wise! Megan’s influence has been such a positive force for my self esteem and I always leave her studio feeling like a better person. She has an infectious personality and wonderful spirit! My goal is to run a 4 miles without walking at all, and to rock a new swimsuit in Florida this summer! Most of all, I’m excited to be Kate 2.0 and to live brighter and better. “

Kate is currently at Vanderbilt University studying Human and Organizational Development with a concentration in International leadership and Development. She also has a minor in Corporate Strategy to get her foot in the business door! She has lived in two other countries and traveled to 12, her favorite of which is Japan. Kate is very passionate about human rights and equality and hopes to be a good force of change, particularly for international women’s rights!











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