Client Spotlight – Emily Ogden


Emily is one of the nicest and most thoughtful people that I have met!!  Her smile will light up a room and her personality and laugh is contagious!

I’ve been working with Emily once a week since earlier this year, and have just seen her fitness goals soar.  One of the things that I have found to be most amazing about Emily is her drive.  She suffered an injury a few months ago, and despite her injury, she still came to training every week, and we worked around it.  When she was fully recovered, she really picked up her running and her mileage.  I soon found myself tagged in 10-12 mile runs on Facebook, and couldn’t have been more proud.


Emily ran and finished a VERY hilly half marathon last month and logged over 100 miles in the month of November!!! What an accomplishment!!! I mean – to go from no running at all and injured to THAT just shows her strength!  In addition to running and training with me – she also does yoga, Barrys and Krank as well.









Since starting personal training, Emily has lost about 10 pounds, inches everywhere, gained strength and we’ve really seen a tone in her arms and legs.  Look at those guns in her after shot!photo-249


                    BEFORE                                                                              AFTER!!!

I always tell my clients, “Look, we could all be supermodels if we ate a very strict diet, and worked out all day, but that’s not what we’re training for here – we are training for LIFE.  We are training to live a healthy, balanced life and enjoy it along the way.”  Emily encompasses this beautifully.  She works hard, but enjoys her life.  She looks at food as fun and not the enemy, and makes exercising enjoyable.  She understands that each part – mind, body and soul – are a part of the balance, and is on a journey to make herself better while enjoying every aspect of this amazing life.  THAT is why I had to spotlight her this month!  Congrats Emily on some amazing accomplishments, and I can’t wait to see what you do next!

Here is a little more about Emily and her fitness journey…

Emily is the director of the political consulting company, Grassroots Strategy, LLC. She has worked on various political campaigns as well as issue campaigns for clients on the state and local levels, most recently working for The Kroger Co. on the successful “wine-in-grocery stores” legislation. Emily  is originally from Knoxville and is a graduate of Rhodes College and the University of Tennessee College of Law.

Emily has always enjoyed working out, whether it be running, cycling, yoga or strength training, She says – “I really  started to see results when I started one-on-one training with Megan. Not only is it the hardest workout that I do every week, but the constant support and enthusiastic cheerleading from Megan has inspired me to reach new goals in my running after coming off an injury in August that left me unable to run.  In November, I ran a a half-marathon and logged 100 miles of running for the month! But more important than the physical accomplishments is the confidence I have gained.” 

As far as her diet goes, she believes in the 80/20 plan, making sure that 80% of the time she is eating clean, “real” foods, but she doesn’t deny herself treats every once in while 🙂

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