If you only read one of my posts all year…let it be this one. I hope it will speak to you.  And, it just so happens that it falls on #globalrunningday

Flashback to yesterday when it was just me and the track at 7:45am. Pros of not going at 5:30am – more sleep, track to yourself. Cons – you’ve got the track to yourself. At that point you have no one there cheering you on, you have no one’s energy to feed off of, you have no one to be accountable to – it’s just you, the sound of your shoes, your breath and those white lines.

You could easily give up, walk away, cut corners and be done with it. No one would know. But you would.

I had to envision myself crossing the finish line on September 10th in a few months – knowing that I had qualified for Boston…knowing that the training paid off…no regrets, no corners cut.

Sometimes all you need is a goal. You need something bigger than yourself – more than what you think you can do. Something that you have to work for.  Something that won’t be easy.  Something that may seem impossible right now.  You need to envision the end goal, and keep it close to your heart. I’m learning more and more that this is what life is about. Celebrating your life, achieving goals, believing in something, believing in yourself, inspiring others, saying “I did it.”


I encourage you to find something bigger than yourself, something you think seems unattainable.  It’s not… I promise. Keep it at the center of your focus, you’ll get there. Even on the days you think you won’t – you’ll get there, and you’ll be thankful you didn’t give up. It will be worth it. ‪#‎inspiration‬ ‪#‎track‬ ‪#‎bostontraining‬ ‪#‎marathontraining‬ ‪#‎run‬ ‪#‎running‬ ‪#‎runner‬ ‪#‎believeinyourself‬ ‪#‎sweat‬ ‪#‎fitness‬ ‪#‎training‬ ‪#‎trainer‬ ‪#‎personaltrainer‬ ‪#‎runnergirl‬ ‪#‎girlswhorun‬ ‪#‎inspireatrun‬ ‪#‎goals‬ ‪#‎worthit‬ ‪#‎believeyoucan‬

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