Homemade Veggie Sushi Rolls




Craving sushi?  Now you don’t have to go pay $10 plus for a roll!  You can make them quick and easy for lunch or dinner!  This would be such a fun date night too to do with your partner.  The combinations of what you can put in these things are endless.  So, go stock up, have some fun and make some sushi!

It’s definitely recommended to have a little sushi kit with bamboo mats to roll them up in, but I didn’t have any of that and just went for it.  Not exactly picture perfect, but super tasty!


  • Nori sheets
  • kale
  • diced carrots
  • avocado
  • cucumbers
  • lemon
  • tahini or hummus


  1. Lay out the nori sheet on a clean surface.
  2. Spread tahini over 1/4-1/3 of the sheet at the top.
  3. Dice the cucumbers into small sticks.
  4. Line up other veggies so that it’s easy to roll all turning the same way.  Drizzle with a bit of lemon.
  5. Roll and cut with a sharp knife. (The sharper the knife, the prettier they will look!)
  6. Serve with coconut amines to dip.  Enjoy!

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