Hot Chocolate 15k


I have to admit right off the bat – the reason, and I’m saying the sole, one and only reason why I wanted to do this race was because of the finisher’s medal.  The smart people behind this race knew exactly how to suck me (and millions of other women and men, but probably mostly women) in.  They sent out an email entitled “Have you seen the 15k finisher’s medal?”  Well, of course I had to take a gander…so, I opened the email…and then, I saw IT.  The medal looked like a beautifully wrapped chocolate bar peeled back at the corner with a bite taken out of it!  A. CHOCOLATE. BAR!!!!!  I had to have it.  One look, and I knew I had to have this one to add to my collection!  I mean, seriously – doesn’t it look like I’m eating a chocolate bar??!!!


My wonderful friend Rhandee agreed to go do this fun run with me, so we piled in her car and drove to Atlanta for a one night getaway and a 9.3 mile, very cold, very hilly run. Being a bit injured lately, I wasn’t sure how I would do. To finish was the goal – even if I had to crawl over the finish line – I was getting that damn chocolate medal! I took 2 weeks off, and have been seeing my ART/chiropractor – Dr. Audra Lance twice a week.  I had my back and hip  rock taped to high heaven, and prior to the race hadn’t jogged – or done anything to that matter – in 4 days (oops.)…  I thought I really might have to crawl to the finish line, but I managed to keep it all together.

I’m lucky enough to be a part of a great group of runners – the Fleet Feet racing team!  (I like to say I’m the slow, injured one on the team).  One of the other girls joked that she’s the mascot – and I said – well, now you guys have 2!  But, I’m so blessed to be a part of this great team and this wonderful company, and to sport the FF logo!




The alarm went off at 5:20am, and I got up and put the coffee on.  We got up, headed to the shuttle and froze for about 45 minutes before the run.  We happened to find the merchandise tent where a bunch of people were huddled to keep warm – BODY WARMTH!!!  10 minutes before the start – we headed out, stopped and did a little zumba and got in our corral.  One of the beauties about doing early am races is that sometimes you get to see the sunrise…


Aside from the bone chilling cold, and the hill at mile 7 that I thought might kill me – this was a precious race!  They had chocolate chip stops, people handing out tootsie rolls, and chocolate marshmallows along the way.  I was too busy trying not to die and get a drink of water or gatorade at the stops to enjoy the chocolate.  After the race, they served everyone a chocolate fondue bowl with melted chocolate and bananas, marshmallows and cookies for dipping with a cup of hot chocolate in the middle!  Nowwwww – I gave up sweets this month, so you’ll be happy to hear that I did not partake in any of the fondue, BUT I did drink the hot chocolate because it was freakin’ freezing out there!

All in all – we had a GREAT time!  It was wonderful to get away for a minute and see some new scenery.   With my injuries I ran the 15k in 1:17, which is about an 8:20 mile average.  Not the greatest, but not the worst, and I did better than I thought I would!  But most importantly, we got what we came for – the chocolate medal!!!  This was an amazing little adventure with a great friend.  We caught up, had girl time, and accomplished a goal.  So, whatever it is you’re running for – a chocolate medal, a time goal, a charity…  Know that you can do it!  When your feet cross that finish line – the miles you ran, the training that you put in, the gear, the sweat, and the time – will all be worth it



4 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate 15k

  1. NIce! I did the Hot Chocolate 5K this past November and will be doing the 15K this year! That fondue and hot chocolate at the end was HEAVEN!!! I loved the hoodie we got from it as well. That medal is awesome though, I look forward to getting it next year!! High five! We are a flat area here in Chicago so we don’t have those killer hills, those would have been my death as well!

  2. Thank you!! Oh cool!!! I love running Chicago – I did my first marathon there – such a great city!! High five to YOU! You’ll love the race and the medal. 🙂 Go get it, and good luck!!!

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