Viva Las Vegas Marathon!


Not even a week ago, I ran the Las Vegas marathon.  I signed up for it thinking I would be able to wear my new Lulu reflective skirt and a cute tank, lay at the pool the day before, maybe come back to Nashville with a  tan…  NEGATIVE!  It was a frigid 32 degrees that night, and everything felt frozen.  By mile 17 – I suddenly remembered how truly hard and taxing running a marathon was…

A few months ago, my friend Julie came to me after my Barry’s class one day and said – Las Vegas Marathon.  November.  Bucket list.  Let’s do it.  I didn’t even think twice…I said YES!  Now, Julie wanted to do the smart thing and just do the half, I on the other hand, had to take it to the next level and train for a full. I usually do one a year, so I decided to squeeze this one in just in time!

IMG_0738  BRRRRRRR!!!!!  Julie and I right before we took off!

IMG_0698 Oh, just trying out the tub pre-race.

I trained using Hal Higdon’s marathon training program.  I did the Intermediate 2 program and just focused on getting the miles in.  I ran the first half and felt great, but around miles 16, 17…things started to freeze up, get stiff, and my mind started playing tricks on me…  As things started to hurt, hips started to tighten…I started to think – I need to walk, oh I don’t think I’m going to be able to finish, will my IT band hold together?  My back is killing me!!!  All of these things and more ran through my head.  BUT – what overshadowed all of the negative was the positive.  I kept thinking of my clients, my friends, my BBC family, my blood family, the people waiting for me at the finish line, the people following me online, getting my finisher’s medal, crossing the finish line, all of the people that would give anything for the opportunity to accomplish a goal like this, how much of a privilege it is to accomplish goals and how completely blessed I am day in and day out to try and help others reach their goals.   THAT is what I thought about as each heavy step hit the pavement towards the end. THAT is what got me through.  THAT is what kept me going. THAT is what keeps me going every day, and THAT is the reason why I know and believe that anyone can do anything that they put their mind to.  YOU, my friend can do anything.

IMG_0774  IMG_0793

As a recap – the entire weekend was amazing.  I played a show at Sunset Casino with the amazingly talented Trent Tomlinson, Aaron Benward and Travis Howard.  As these guys played song after song, I sat on stage in awe and beyond blessed to share a stage with such talent.  FullSizeRender-14

Here’s Julie and I after the show!  And a snap below of the actual show!




I also got to spend the weekend with a special new someone and we hit the jackpot!!  Well…let’s say I hit the jackpot…

IMG_0712        IMG_0725

The other wonderful thing about running a marathon is the food that you feel the need to consume AND the food that you justify consuming after running 26.2 miles.  Now, right after, I didn’t feel like anything much besides some chocolate milk and eventually a Quest bar, BUT the next morning was a different story.  Well, the next day, really…  Here are a few of my highlights…

IMG_0780Red velvet pancakes!!!!!

IMG_0786Frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity!!!







The experience of this last week and weekend was incredible.  I have stories that will be re-played over and over in my mind again and again.  A goal was accomplished and shared with wonderful people, and that is what life is about.  Crossing the finish line, the little encouraging notes and texts from everyone, the hug waiting at the end, the words and smiles and congrats I got after coming home, the love I felt and the love I feel…  THAT is what life is about.

4 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas Marathon!

  1. What I’m really happy for, is to always see You after all those finish lines, still always in one piece, and with a big smile on Your beautiful face… That’s what matters to me! With knowing You happy! Congratulations Megan!

  2. Congratulations on your finish. This race looks like so much fun! And I love all of the awesome things you did post race. Did I mention how cool that medal is?! I think I need to add this to my race bucket list.

    1. Sarah! It really was a cool race!! Visually it was the coolest race I’ve ever done, so I would highly recommend it!! Go get that medal girl!!

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