Hi.. I want to join your running challenge! I’m new at running though… But I should try and get 25 miles in per week?



Hi!!  I love that you want to join in!!  How new are you at running?  25 miles a week might be a bit much for a beginner…  Maybe 10-15 miles a week.  Even starting with a goal of 50 before St. Patricks for a beginner would be AWESOME!  I meant to specify that if you’re a beginner runner you can do less.  Any goal is STILL A GOAL!!  So maybe try to go for 50?

I just started a couch to 5k but haven’t fully committed because I don’t have an end goal. I’ll shoot for 50 miles. Starting is always scary. Thanks for your blog! So motivating!

Ahhh!  I tried to reply to this (still figuring it all out), but thank you SO much for reading the blog.  I’m so grateful that people are finding it inspiring – that means the world.  40-50 miles is a good place to start.  Even just 10 a week would be an awesome start.  You could do two 3 milers and one 4 miler and be there!  Feel free to walk too – it’s just about getting the miles under your belt and you’ll gain strength and endurance.  YOU CAN DO IT!!  Seriously you can do anything you want, and I will be here for you all the way!  Feel free to email or reach out whenever you need!!  You got this!

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