Push-Up Scoops

The exercise of the week is modeled by the amazing Jeff Teague who frequents my classes at Barry’s Bootcamp.  It’s been an honor to have Jeff in my classes and see his strength and cardio grow!!  He pushes every single time he comes to class, and is actually the one who introduced me to this awesome move!  This is a tough one so ladies – you can try this on your knees if you want.  Start in a pushup position with hands a bit wider than shoulder width.  You want to think of a scooping motion as you come down. (Another tip is to think of drawing a U shape with your nose from one side to the other.) Try to “scoop” towards the floor in a pushup motion and think about taking your chest to the floor while straightening one arm. Scoop down, and straighten out your left arm while your right is in a proper pushup position.  Scoop back to the other side and keep repeating. You will feel the burn!!  Thank you Jeff for the perfect demo of this awesome move!

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