From Sea to Table

How to eat fresh and clean on vacation?!  Going somewhere tropical?  Well…

There’s no better way than to catch your dinner!  That’s exactly what we did yesterday!  We went out with my favorite captain – Chris Hanson with Scales 2 Tales charters (he is THE BEST!), and we had a blast.  Here’s a trout and a red fish that I caught. We kept the trout because the red was too big (yes, it was a monster. 🙂 I had them grill the trout with olive oil, salt and pepper and red pepper flakes with a side of kale and cauliflower (not shown).  Mmmmmm – so good!!  Check out Chris Hanson at Scales 2 Tales Charters.

I’ll be in touch more with tips on eating healthy on the road very soon!



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