Snack Attack!! (And new fav shoes)…

It’s been so cold.  Like Alaska cold.  Maybe even North Pole cold.  So, on Wednesday of this week I’m headed down to Key Largo for some much needed sun and sand!  I just started packing up and thought I’d share a couple of my favorite snacks and my new most awesome shoes with you all!!  I’m stashing some of these to die for protein bars in my carry on and bringing my Gu’s for some runs.

The Quest bars have literally CHANGED. MY. LIFE.  I have a huge, and I mean HUUUUUUGE sweet tooth. (Like the kind of sweet tooth where I can down a whole cake on my own. Not kidding.)  So, the guy that I’ve been dating for awhile now and I decided to make a little wager – I gave up sweets for a month, and he gave up pizza and McDonalds and all bad for you food.  If either one of us cheated – we had to pay $20.  Needless to say – he owes me $40 and I owe him NADA.  We did that for a month, and I felt great!  I found substitutes for sweets that filled my cravings – mainly the Quest bars!  The raspberry white chocolate and the cookie dough are my favs.  I eat 1/2 the cookie dough at a time (half after lunch and half after dinner for dessert) – heat it up for 12 seconds and BOOM – life changed.  20 grams of protein too!!!  Can’t beat that. 

The Gu’s are a great pre and post run snack.  I also chomp on some of them (no pun intended 🙂 during a long run. I have also found myself snacking on them on non running days as well.  Again, they satisfy a sweet craving and aren’t that bad for you. They are super yummy gummies.  

Annnnd, drum roll please – check out my new kicks!!!  These are the new Nike Air Pegasus.  So cushy and comfy!!  These guys are perfect for running, walking, or just looking awesome. 🙂

Well, I’ve got my snacks packed up and my new shoes ready to go!  Now I just need to find my shorts down in my dungeon basement.  Stay tuned –  I’ll be blogging more about healthy choices on the road while I’m soakin’ up the sun. 🙂  I’ll try to bring some of that sunshine back for you all!  

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