Summer Must Haves!!


Hey girls!!  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite summer finds with you all so far this season. Although it’s technically not summer, it’s pretty much here already! I’ve come across a few MUST HAVE things for this season.  Starting from left to right…

1.  Lace Tank.  This too cute tank is from one of my FAVORITE amazingly priced boutiques in Germantown called Pieces.  Ashley is the owner, and she is too precious!  Pair this with a bando and you’re in business.  Every girl needs a cute tank for summer, and she’s got plenty!

2.  Nars Tinted Moisturizer/SPF 30 – this little bottle is a miracle worker!  It has awesome coverage, SPF and is super light!  All I do is throw this on with a little blush and number 3 coming up next and I’m done for the day!  You can get some at Cosmetic Market or any beauty counter like at Nordstroms.   

3.  Better Than Sex Mascara.  Ok girls, let me tell you – IT IS!!  It’s amazing!!!!  Goes on great, comes off easy and really makes your eyes pop.  You can get it at Cosmetic Market.  

4.  EOS Lip Balm Sphere.  I love this stuff!!!  It’s cute, the flavors are GREAT, and it works!  Throw it on before a run or keep some in your gym bag or car to have handy.  You can get it at any drug store or grocery store.  

5.  Quest Bars!!!  You guys know I’m a Quest bar fanatic!!  I’ve almost totally replaced my sweets with these bars, and have kept weight off!  They are like little miracle bars.  Gluten free, 1 gram of sugar and usually about 2-4 carbs.  They have a variety of flavors that you can microwave for 10 seconds (out of the wrapper) and have your life changed!  You can get these at Vitamin Shoppe, GNC or online.  Vitamin Shoppe has a rewards program so if you get them there you can save some moolah and they will match their online price as well in the store.  

6.  Skinny Girl Bars.  I picked up a package of these at Target randomly and was blown away with the taste!!  These are a great sub for a dessert. They have more sugars and carbs than Quest, but if you want to splurge a little – go for it.  They do have less calories though…and are super tasty!  You can get these at a grocery store or Target.  

7/8.  A Lulu Bra and Speed Shorts.  What girl can go without some speed shorts from Lulu this summer??  They are super comfy and SO great to run in or do just about anything in.  Have fun with it and find a matching bra like I did… Lulu has some great bras this season but get them while you can in the store because they FLY off the shelves!  You can also check online for these.  My personal favorite store and all of the gals that work there is Lululemon Hill Center so go say hi and get some Lulus!!!

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