Throw and Go!

In music we use the term “throw and go” when we play as a band and we simply get up on stage with no real band check and PLAY!  Basically, you throw your instruments up there, plug in and GO!  Hence the term…  🙂

So while I was down in Key Largo again recently I went for a 5 mile run and tried to take in every single ounce of beauty I could.  When you’re running next to such beauty (see pic above) – 5 miles doesn’t feel like 5 miles!  But I kept thinking about how much I love running and equated it to being able to throw your shoes on essentially anywhere and go!!  

Sometimes it’s just me, outside and the pavement.  I hear my footsteps hitting the ground and my breath in and out, the birds singing and cars whizzing by. I feel my heart beating as I speed up.  I look around and see something different every time…something I hadn’t noticed before.  And I’m alive.  What an incredible feeling.  

I’ve heard a million times “I hate running,” and some people really do.  Some people have injuries that keep them from being able to run or certain limitations.  But if you can’t run, maybe you can walk!  Just lacing your fav shoes up, getting outside and taking in the day can change your life.  So, I encourage you – throw and go my friends!!!

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