Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good


I’m not a shoe girl. I prefer spending my moolah on clothes. My boyfriend on the other hand has 80 pairs of shoes. Yes, I said 80.  (Feel free to ask more questions about that…)  I’ve always been the type to have one pair of running shoes that I’d wear until I wore them out. I’d let them get  to the point where there was hardly any tread left, and then I’d go buy the exact same ones.  Until I met Kim and Dave…

Kim and Dave are two people that I’m very close to that happen to match everything that they are wearing with their shoes at all times.  I mean everything.  Kim will match her outfit down to her sports bra!!!!  Dave will be walking around his house in a bright yellow t-shirt, and even his flip flops match his shirt.  They have this little science DOWN.

Me on the other hand,  I never cared.  All I cared about was whether or not I was comfortable running – NOT what I looked like.  Again..until Kim and Dave…

I learned a phrase from Dave – Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good.  I mean – it’s true isn’t it?  If you look good and feel good about what you’re wearing in your own clothes and your own skin, you’re going to be your best.  

Since this newly found hobby I’ve acquired, I’ve had a lot of fun creating workout outfits.  I think I now have 4 maaaaybe 5 pairs of athletic shoes – 2 of which are my running shoes. There’s just nothing like finding a new pair of Lulus then pairing them with shoes that pull the whole outfit together – viola!   

I have noticed a lot of my ah-mazing clients doing the same thing lately.  Maybe everyone has always done this and my eyes have just been opened.  🙂  Some of them are even matching down to the ponytail holder, and they look GREAT.  (You can’t see a lot of their shoes in the pic, but most of them are matching!)

Too expensive you say?  You think you can’t afford new shoes?  Well, I’ve got news for you – you can.  There are a ton of deals out there.  I love Nike, and the Nike Factory Outlet in Opry Mills is AWESOME.  I got a pair of red shoes there for only $40!!  You can find some great deals on shoes online too – you just have to look.  Obviously I’m a Lulu girl, but Target, TJ Maxx and Athleta all have some great workout clothes and you can find some good deals.  

So, if you’ve had your eye on that new Lulu tank or headband, and you’re looking for a sign – this is it!!! Go get it!!  And remember – if you look good, you’ll feel good, and then you’ll want to play good!  

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