Dear Boston

Builders build, painters paint, writers write… After witnessing the tragedy in Boston first, I came home with a fresh take on life, a new thankfulness for my blessings, and a heavy heart. Although I did not see the blood that was shed with my own two eyes on Boylston Street – I saw the smoke come out of the side of the building and felt the blasts in my belly. Coming home and realizing how close you were to such a loss – something that has affected the WORLD – is a strange feeling.

From this I asked myself what could I do to shed light on the situation? What did I take, see, hear and feel while I was up there? How can I share my heart and spread the amazing love that I witnessed? Again, builders build, painters paint, writers write. I’m a writer.

This song was written by Ben Caver and me, and is dedicated to everyone at The Boston Marathon 2013 – especially those who lost their lives and who were injured. Any money made from the download of the song Dear Boston on iTunes is sent straight to the One Fund. Thank you for listening, for your support and love.

Dear Boston – this is my love letter to you…

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