First of all taking a picture of yourself in a side plank is ridiculous.  I’m ridiculous.  So I decided to go ahead and make the picture look ridiculous too.  I look like an orange cartoon.  You’re welcome.  

Ever since I ran the half marathon a few weeks ago, I’ve had some foot problems.  I’m a runner.  A runner and foot problems don’t go well together.  

Thursdays at Barry’s Bootcamp is my favorite – CORE!!!  I love to go get in a class before I teach my 10am.  I woke up yesterday feeling great and rearing to go!  My foot – meh, not so much ready to go…  But I wanted to take class!!!  Then I had to have a serious conversation with myself.  Yes, I talk to myself.  Here’s what happened – 

Self 1 – Wooohoo!!  I feel great!  Can’t wait to run!  You’re going to fell AH-MAZING after running today!!

Self 2 – Ouch.  My foot really hurts.

Self 1 – You’re fiiiiiiiine.  Just go jog then walk if you need to.  Double floor??

Self 2 – 1. You’re a runner, you’re not going to NOT run.  2.  Walk?!?!  Are you kidding me?  

Self 1 – Hmmm…you might be right.

Self 2 – Duh.  I’m always right.  Don’t further injure your foot.  You said you were going to take a week off of running!!

Self 1 – Okay.  Let’s be smart!  We have a gym at home – we can do our own core workout!

Self 2 –  So glad we agree.

There you have it.  And that is how I decided to not run!  Haha!  So, I went into my studio and created a little 5-10 minute core workout, and I’m feeling it today!!  So, here’s something you can do at home or on the road or in addition to a Barry’s workout for some extra core work if you want!  I’ve had a few of my clients do it this week and my classes!  I did it all the way through then backwards.  🙂  If you don’t know what an exercise is – google it – usually you can find instructional videos really easily.  


-100 mountain climbers – I did them on the TRX (you can also do them on ball or off of a bench to make them harder)

-75 second plank

-50 alternating v-ups

-40 bicycle abs

-30 pushups

-20 situps 

-10 side plank dips (on each side) 

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