Full Body Move

This is an awesome full body move modeled by the absolutely perfect Karen Ambrose! My great friend, Rhandee Gortney (who will be featured soon).  She’s a fellow trainer and teacher extraordinaire once showed me that I LOVE to use on leg day, core day and full body day!  You can do it with or without a medicine ball or weight – even with your body weight only it’s a great exercise!  Start in a plank position on a  med ball. (Go for a challenging weight – AT LEAST 12lbs ladies!!)  Pull your knees in for 5 mountain climbers then pop up holding the ball overhead and do 5 alternating plyo lunges.  Flow back down into a plank and repeat!  You can modify this by not using a med ball and not doing plyo lunges.  This one targets everything – legs, core, shoulders and gets your heart pumping!!  Have fun with this one!

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