Ab Ball Pass

This week’s move is an AWESOME ab move!!  We have the amazingly talented (in so many ways) Will Bowen showing us expertly how to do this move.  I like to call it the Ab Ball Pass.  Using a small med ball is the best, but if you don’t have one of those available, you can also use a small weight – just be careful not to drop it!  Keep your shoulder blades off the mat or floor during the whole exercise – that’s really going to engage the core.  Scissor the legs and pass the ball between the legs as you scissor.  Try to keep the legs straight and hover off the floor.  For a little more of a challenge – try it on a bench so you can’t touch the floor.  🙂  Try to hold it for 60 seconds at least and keep breathing.  The tendency on ab exercises is to hold your breath – don’t do it!!!  Have fun with this one!!

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