New Pants and I Need a Donut (No, NOT the Kind You Eat)

Check out my new digs!!  Many of you know that Lululemon is my first and one true love, but every once awhile I’ll happen upon a pair of leggings that are too fun to pass up!  Sometimes having a new pair of workout pants, new shoes or that fun shirt you’ve been eyeing is the thing to amp up your workout a bit more.  Don’t you feel good going to the gym sporting a new find?  For me – 9.9 times out of 10 you’ll find me in Lulu day in and day out, but these leggings happen to be Nike that I found at Academy in Franklin!  Too much fun!!  

(So, I just HAD to include the picture on the left.  You’ve got one dog in the background behind me and one walking out the door…  hilarious.)

I might as well try to look cute since I haven’t been able to work out for a few days now…  Talk about hilarious…  If you’ve been to my class this week, you’ve heard the story, but if you haven’t – then here it is.  Drumroll please….

Sunday night the bf and I went to out for dinner near my house.  We had a lovely meal and then started walking back to my place.  I don’t know what possessed him (still trying to figure it out), but he decided that it would be a GREAT idea to pick me up like a baby and take off in a 12.5 sprint.  Wellllllllll something went awry and let’s just say I ended up breaking his fall on the concrete that laid 6’3 feet below me.  My badonkadonk and the sidewalk became one. I couldn’t move.  All I could do was roll around on the cold, hard ground and yell “DON’T TOUCH ME!” in sheer agony for probably 3 minutes (but what seemed like an eternity) while he stood over me wondering what the passing traffic was thinking of me writhing around on the pavement on 12 South.  Finally I was able to get up and hobble back to my house all the while cursing him not so under my breath.  

Back at the house the bruise started to form on my right cheek (butt cheek that is).  And by BRUISE I mean HUGE KNOT. I let him feel what he did to me.  He immediately started laughing which then led me to start crying and storm off into my bathroom yelling “You don’t understand!!  My job requires me to move and to be active!  This isn’t funny – it hurts!!!”  And now I’m sitting here laughing, typing this, seeing him in my mind standing in my kitchen cracking up even more at my dramatic exit to the bathroom.

Let’s rewind a bit – Friday Dave and I went to hit some golf balls before I had to teach and I was SO sore and SO tired I should have never gone.  I ended up breaking his $400 driver…oops.  I’d like to think it’s from my sheer strength.  So, payback is a beeatch…as I would come to find out on Sunday night.  However, I have told him my pain is worth more than $400.  I haven’t been able to sit right, bend down, sneeze, run (much less walk correctly) or demo exercises for my clients and classes since “the incident.”  However, this blog is ultimately about fun leggings and being okay with RESTING.  That’s truly where I’m going with this crazy story.

So many of us just go, go, go and run and workout and think we HAVE to workout 7 days a week, maybe twice a day sometimes…  Our bodies need rest, and it’s okay to be okay with that.  I always say God has to make me sick or injure me for me to slow down!  But honestly, since becoming a little more clear with my life and my outlook, I appreciate the rest and know that I need it.  

So, for the next few days me and my frozen bag of peas, my new pants, and my donut (which I wish it was a chocolate covered Krispy Kreme hot off the press with sprinkles) will be taking it easy and not feeling guilty about it!  Your body and your mind can always use a day or 3 or 7 off, and you’ll be better from it in the end even if it takes you a few days to get your groove back.  Be okay with being still, my friends.  I’ll leave you with a quote from William Wordsworth that says it all …  ”Rest and be thankful.”

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