Upside Down Bosu Squat

This week’s move is the Upside Down Bosu Squat!  My amazing client Cari Johns Isham (she JUST got married – woohoooo!!) makes it look REALLY easy, but it’s not.  This requires balance, core  and leg strength to keep the bosu steady in order to perform a proper squat.  If you have access to a bosu – flip it over and step on top – use a wall or someone else to help you steady yourself.  Once you’re on, widen your stance and SQUAT!  Think of sitting back and keeping your heels down.  If you don’t have a bosu around – just try squats with weights in your hands and tap your toosh to a chair or bench.  Keep your knees in place and your heels down.  At the bottom of a squat – if you’re doing it properly, you should be able to wiggle your toes off the ground.  Think of sitting back like you’re sitting in a chair. Doing a squat on the bosu is going to engage all of your leg muscles and your core!  Go for it! Work dat booty!!!!

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