Will Run for Cupcakes!!

We all have our vices…  oh yes, we do!  Mine happens to be none other than SUGAR.  Sometimes there’s nothing more that I want than to sit in my bed with a chocolate cake and whatever TV show I’m marathon watching on Netflix.  I mean – THAT is happiness.  🙂

A couple of months ago I decided to give up sweets for a month.  Literally it changed my life.  It started as a challenge and then became a habit.  Once I was off of sweets for 30 days I really didn’t want them.  Can you believe that?!!!  I used to have one cupcake and want 10 more, now I just want a few bites of 1 and I’m satisfied!  They say if you do something for 3 weeks-month it becomes a habit, and I’m living proof.  The hard part is just committing to doing it.  Remember as I always say – you have to get UNCOMFORTABLE to change – that’s what it takes!

When I gave up sweets I found a substitute for “dessert.”  I’ve mentioned them before, but I. Am. Obsessed…with Quest bars!!  They are very low in sugar and carbs and high in protein!  I eat the chocolate chip cookie dough ones every single day as dessert.  I eat half after lunch and half after dinner heated up for 12 seconds and my sweet tooth is satisfied!  

I still do a lot of baking and I sample what I bake here and there.  It truly is all about moderation, my friends!  Trying to find the balance between enjoying the sweet side of life and overdoing it CAN BE DONE!!!  Here are a couple of pointers –

-Pay attention to what you REALLY want.  Too much of something (sugar especially) is going to make you feel sluggish and guilty.  

-Know when you’re full.  Sometimes that overly full feeling is what we go for – but you can stop before you get there.  Take a few bites, enjoy them and ask yourself if you REALLY want more.  If you do – then why not?

-Moderation!  Can’t stress that enough!

-If you take the no sweets challenge – find healthy substitutes.  There are ways to be satisfied without the real thing!  

-Give something up – take something on!  I gave up sweets and took on a running challenge with my friend Rhandee!  We decided to run 100 miles before Valentines from Jan 1-Feb 14.  We got there quickly so we bumped it to 150.  I finished in a month!  Now our next challenge is 100 before St. Patrick’s Day!  From Valentine’s to St. Paddys it averages to about 25 miles a week which isn’t too bad for intermediate runners.  Who wants to join in?????

Here are a few pics of some of my recent baked goods…The cupcake bouquet I made for a friend’s bday (at the top of the blog) and all of the others I made for Valentine’s Day!  I have found a way to moderate the sweets but still enjoy without overdoing it.  I ate and sampled them all and didn’t have one ounce of guilt!  Moderation my friends.  🙂  You can do it!  Anyone want to join in the challenge?

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