Out to Eat (A blog on healthy choices while eating out and traveling!)


Eating while traveling is one of the hardest things to do in the whole world.  Or just eating out in general.  It equates to climbing Mt. Everest, swimming with sharks, and doing math. It takes a lot of discipline, making good decisions, and knowing when it’s okay to splurge!  So, how do you find the balance?  

Since I’ve been trying to watch what I eat more these days – this vacation has been a little different.  However, I still don’t want to not enjoy all my vacation has to offer – especially the food.  So, the question on everyone’s mind – how do you enjoy all your vacay has to offer but still feel great about your food choices?  Oh, the questions of life…  🙂

Last week I went down to Key Largo – I have some awesome friends there, and one who owns a bunch of AMAZING restaurants in that area. (A few of my favorite places down there are Sundowners, Marker 88 and Senor Frijoles – check them out if you’re ever in the area!)  It was such a blast.  I fished, kayaked, golfed, ran and most importantly – ATE!  

The good thing about this getaway is going to a warm, beachy place makes me want to eat fresh and clean.  You don’t want that bikini too tight!  So, I always feel the itch to try fish and shrimp locally.  It’s always a great idea when you’re traveling to sample the local fare and support the local economy.  

Speaking of good ideas…  here are a few tips when eating out and/or traveling to think about:

-Everything in moderation!  It’s okay to try everything – including dessert if you just have it moderation.  Instead of a whole piece of pie – take a few bites and savor every one.  

-Stay active!  Go for a jog around town or find something that you can only do at the place you’re visiting. You can be active and experience the city you’re in in a cool way. For example – I went kayaking in the ocean one day – something I definitely can’t do in Nashville!  

-Think fresh!  No, not Subway think fresh – like REALLY fresh.  Go for fresh fish – the catch of the day if you’re somewhere tropical or try the local fare.  What they grow, catch or raise locally is what will be freshest. 

-Protein is good.  When choosing meals – go for a protein and veggies when possible.  

-Ask for dressing on the side so that you can know how much you’re eating.  Dressings can be deadly.  🙂  

-Skip the bread or fries and ask for a side of fruit, salad or veggies.

-Breakfast is important!  Oatmeal with fruit and nuts is a GREAT way to start the day and most places has it.  Try to choose something that will sustain you until lunch.  

-Pack healthy snacks.  Stop at a grocery and get some fresh fruit or pack your fav protein bars to have for snacks.  This will keep you from pulling off the road to grab something at a gas station or fast food.  

Some of my healthy choice meals on this trip included – Ahi Asian tuna salad, Oatmeal with bananas, raisins and almonds with a side of fresh fruit, and a Mahi Mango salad with pecans. 

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