Welcome to my blog!  I’m a writer, therefore I write.  I’m a runner, therefore I run, I’m an eater…  Okay, okay you get it!  I live to inspire people, and I love to see people changing their lives and becoming better! And what better way for me to do that than to share some of my favorite recipes, workouts, playlists, exercises and ideas with you all?  (This is where you say – there’s no better way, Megan.)  Thank you all for agreeing with me. 🙂

What we eat and what we do every day make up who we are.  All of this day in and day out adds up to what we will eventually leave behind one day.  What kind of mark do you want to leave?  What kind of LIFE do you want to lead?  

I’m striving for this year – 2014 to be my healthiest yet!  Through fitness and healthy eating – ANYONE – I repeat – ANYONE can change their lives. Whether you want to maintain where you are, lose 100lbs or run a marathon, we are all works in progress.  So come along with me on this journey to makeover ourselves this year.  You’ll hear this often – Becoming a Better Me in 2014!!  

So, who’s with me?!

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